Making Maths Count Initiative


Making Maths Count” is a Scottish Government national initiative that has two broad aims:

  1. To encourage greater enthusiasm for maths amongst children and young people, their parents, carers and the wider public
  2. To provide support for teachers and help raise attainment in Mathematics National Qualifications.

To encourage engagement from the wider general public an online questionnaire has been developed to look at how people feel about maths, how they use maths and how confident they are with their maths skills.

Health and Resilience

Life often throws challenges our way. It could be the death of a close family member or friend, a serious illness, the loss of a job or the breakdown of a relationship. ‘Resilience’ means our ability to cope with these events.

As parents and carers, you play a vital role in helping to prepare your children for the difficult times that life brings.

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