January Meeting

Our next Parent Council meeting is this Thursday 26th January, 7:00-9:00pm. We will be discussing Parent Council priorities for next year (including investment in school, community database etc) and the head teacher’s report.

You don’t have to be a member of the parent council to come to our meetings. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the work of the school and help your child.

Wave 4 Investment Letter

This week we issued a letter to the Council regarding the ‘Wave 4’ programme for refurbishment of Edinburgh schools and the need for continued investment in the school.

Since the programme was first reviewed in the summer of 2015, there has been  no visible progress made on the first of the activities the Council is carrying out — forecasting the future school roll. It was originally stated that this would be complete in 2015 but is still continuing. The purpose of our letter at this stage is apply pressure to the Council to finish these studies and also to highlight that for us as a parent body, any holding back of necessary investment during this period is not acceptable.

First Parent Council meeting of 2016/2017

Our first Parent Council meeting of 2016/2017 is just one week away — September 6 at 7:00pm.

We have a great group of committed parents who each give a few hours every term to help in a variety of ways. Some attend meetings, some help with fundraising, some help run events, and some help with campaigns or communications.

What could you do? What time could you give? Every little bit helps, and all talents are welcome!

We would particularly welcome new members from those who have just started in S1 this year but everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to speak. Please come along next Tuesday and learn more about the parent council and the life of the school.

Welcome to 2016

New year 2016

Happy new year and welcome to 2016, a new year and school term. To start the year we thought it might be useul to provide a one-stop summary of all the ways to stay in touch with what’s happening at the school and Parent Council. Feel free to pick those that suit you best.


The school has a website and it is updated regularly and the Rector’s blog is usually updated once each week. The school also provides a number of Twitter feeds:

Some of the Twitter feeds are private which means you need approval (and a Twitter account) to follow them.

Parent Council

Most of our communication is posted to this website but we also update our Twitter feed and Facebook group regularly. Please feel free to follow any of those accounts and we’d love to hear your feedback too.

New Parent Council website

Welcome to the new look website of Trinity Academy Parent Council. We’ve busy developed this new website to replace the previous one that served us well for many years. We hope you like the new look. This site is designed to work on all computer screen sizes from a full desktop PC down to smartscreen sizes.

This new site is still very much a starting poing point so if you have any feedback or suggestions please get in touch.