Trinity Academy Parent Council’s constitution has been in place for a number of years, since the Parent Council was first set up around 2006. The Parent Council has reviewed the constitution and is suggesting that a few changes be made. These are explained here.

The proposed changes will be considered at the AGM on 9 October and, if they are agreed at that meeting, the constitution will be amended.

  1. The original constitution used the terms “Parent Forum” and “Parent Council” so we are proposing adding definitions of these terms to the constitution to make it more easy to understand.
  2. We are proposing some changes about membership of the Parent Council. These will clarify that members of the Parent Council would be selected at the annual meeting of parents and would be selected for one year only. Co-opted members would also be invited to join the Parent Council for 1 year only. To be selected for membership of the Parent Council, we are proposing that parents/carers need only “inform” the Parent Council Chair rather than have to send a letter. This means that nominations for membership can be made ahead of an annual meeting and also on the night. We are also proposing that if a member does not attend 3 consecutive meetings without reason/apologies they will be deemed to have retired from the Parent Council.
  3. We are proposing removing some of the original references to nominations being made to the headteacher which were only required for the first Parent Council when there was no Chair to receive nominations.
  4. We are proposing clarifying the voting arrangements at Parent Council meetings. Only members would have a vote and decisions will be passed by a simple majority of Parent Council members present at the meeting. The Chair would have a casting vote which would be used in the event of a tie.
  5. We propose clarifying that the Secretary must take minutes of meetings.

If you have any questions about these proposed changes, you can let us know before the annual meeting on 9 October by emailing us at Or come along on 9 October to take part in the discussion.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Top Tips

Cover pages of the two top tips brochures.

We have just added two Top Tips information leaflets to our downloads.

This information for parents and carers was gathered in consultation with almost 450 children and young people from Edinburgh, asking them what they hoped their parents and carers would do to help them develop good mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The information for children and young people cover the things they find help to keep emotionally well and able to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Movie Night October 2019

Scenes from the 2018 movie night

One year ago we started a year of celebrating Trinity Academy’s 125th anniversary with an open air cinema and silent disco. It was a massive success, so how do you follow that and mark the end of a year of celebrations…

Yes! We are having another open air cinema night and silent disco that’s even bigger! Check out the poster for all the details.

Saturday 5th October – Doors open 6:00pm and the film starts 7.30pm so there’s plenty of time to get something to eat and drink before the show starts.

  • La Favorita mobile pizzeria
  • Barney’s beer on tap
  • Burgers and hot dogs
  • Popcorn
  • Prosecco, mulled wine & snacks

Come prepared for the weather, to sing and dance. Bring chairs and blankets. Fancy dress is optional but a lot more fun. You can even just enjoy enjoy a great night somewhere that’s been at the heart of your community for 126 years!

Tickets available online from Citizen Tickets.

Adult £5 Child £3 and separate charge of £3 on the night for the Silent Disco.


Poster header

Why join the Parent Council?

It’s the start of another school year and Trinity Academy is welcoming new families to the school as they join S1. Parent Councils play an important role in bringing home and school together — enabling schools to gather parents’ and carers’ views and for parents to share their ideas and get more involved in school life.

We would like to ask you to think about joining the Parent Council because Parent Councils are most successful when they represent all members of the school community.

What does the Parent Council do?

  • Help the school take the needs of parents into account when making their decisions.
  • Give the school leadership an opportunity to communicate directly with parents.
  • Help parents to understand decisions from the point of view of the school.
  • Help the school to access parental skills which may benefit the students.
  • Increase parental involvement in the school.
  • Improve communication between school and home.
  • Raise funds and give a little of our time to support and promote the work of the school.

Why join us?

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Knowing more about how the school works, helps you to help your child.
  2. There’s something for everyone. You don’t have to be part of a committee if that’s not your thing. You can help run events, look after our website or social media, campaign, help our school uniform and sport equipment exchanges. You can do as little or as much as you want.
  3. To make friends. After primary school it’s easy to lose touch with other parents, and our meetings and events bring parents together.

Please contact us if you would like to come to our first meeting on the 2nd of September.

Here’s a short video with more reasons…

Bangholm Community Fun Day

Trinity Academicals and Trinity Academy are holding their annual Fun Day on Saturday 31st August. There will be rugby and hockey coaching sessions in the morning and surprise sporting stars will be attending to coach, meet and greet. There will also be football, netball and tennis fitness coaching to try out plus live music and BBQ food.

This is always a great local event. Come along and support the school, the rugby club and local community groups.

Poster showing players running with hockey sticks, rackets and rugby ball. Start time 10:30am.

Investment Update

In June 2018 the Council agreed to invest £10m into building a new Bangholm sports facility and to develop detailed plans for refurbishment at Trinity Academy. We think this is a good time to update you on what’s happened in the past year and the status of the Council’s plans as we understand them.

The Council plans to invest in the school in what they are calling two phases:

Phase 1 – Redeveloping the Bangholm sports facilities. The budget for this already exists (thanks to our campaign) and it may follow the schedule below.

Timeline from 2019 to 2021

Phase 2 – Refurbish or replace the remaining school buildings. At the present time there is no budget for this and no forecast for when this may be available.

Feasibility studies into Phase 2 have been carried out and, while no decisions have been taken, the Council is considering where to site the buildings for Phase 2. One option is for the school to be built entirely at Bangholm. Another option would involve the Phase 2 buildings being built on the existing school site, by refurbishment of the existing school or with new buildings being built on the site.

What do we know?

  • Development of the new Bangholm facilities is continuing and the aspiration is to complete this in December 2021. That date means it may benefit next years S1-S4 students.
  • We know that operating a split site across Bangholm and the existing site presents a significant challenge to running the school curriculum.
  • We are told that the design of Bangholm will allow it to be used by community groups including the facilities required by Trinity Academicals, WIT and Outdoor Learning.
  • There are currently no plans for the new Bangholm facilities to include a swimming pool.
  • We are told that the design of Bangholm will allow it to be used with any of the three options for redeveloping or replacing the easy of the school facilities under Phase 2.

Our local Councillors, including the Depute Leader, have committed to making the decision between moving to Bangholm or redeveloping the existing site during this calendar year.

Next steps

  1. Push the Council to publish a ‘masterplan’ for the plans covering all the options.
  2. Campaign to prioritise a budget for Phase 2.
  3. Campaign to ensure that the school receives the investment it needs in the interim to ensure existing students are not disadvantaged.
  4. Continue working with the school and Council to try to ensure the design of Phase 1 and Phase 2 meet the needs of the students, their families, staff and the community.

Amazon Smile

There’s now a new (and free) way to raise money for Trinity Academy if you are an Amazon user. Once you’ve signed-up to Amazon Smile, Amazon will give 0.5% of the purchase price to our Charitable Trust and then we will pass on those donations to the school.

Neglect Campaign – Parents Survey

Edinburgh Child Protection Committee and NSPCC Scotland are working together to design a city wide campaign on neglect.  They are keen to develop a better understanding of what parents in Edinburgh understand by the term neglect, what they would do if they suspected a child was being neglected and where families access support with parenting.  They would welcome input into a short survey to do this and it should take between five and ten minutes to complete.