After school

After School Clubs

There are a range of clubs on offer. These may alter at the start of the school year but examples of what was available during 2016/17 include art, dance, music, table tennis, basketball, chess and science. Pupils will be told about the options open to them at the start of term.

Homework or home learning

The move to secondary school can be a big change from the consistency of primary school (with one teacher per pupil) into an environment where the variation in teaching style between individual teachers stands out more. There is also variation from subject to subject in terms of homework, and of home learning activities..

Homework should always be scheduled in the pupil’s planner (a diary issued to pupils at the start of the academic year) and pupils are expected to be self-motivated and plan their own home learning. At primary school pupils may have become used to homework tasks being provided on a handout. At Trinity Academy, different media are used to set homework – handouts, verbal instruction, photos on phones — there is currently no online method used to set homework for the whole school although some teachers have opted to use Edmodo or Class Dojo and inform parents accordingly.

Students where Google cardboard VR headsets

Pupils are also expected to take responsibility for asking teachers or fellow pupils for work covered and homework set if they miss a lesson (which could happen if they have been off sick, if they have an individual lesson for an instrument, or are involved in initiatives such as School of Rugby).

Some homework is online, for example languages homework often involves completion of units online.

Home learning is in the school’s 2017 quality improvement plan, and the Parent Council is working with the school on improving home learning.