In the news…

You might have seen Trinity Academy mentioned in anĀ Evening News article today regarding overspends in some Edinburgh secondary school.

We were asked on comment on this and our position on this is summarised below:

Trinity Academy has a new, dynamic Head Teacher who has introduced many great initiatives to achieve excellence in all areas, and parents would be concerned if the Council’s plans to reduce the historic overspend, which was not of the new Head Teacher’s making, impacted on these initiatives or our children’s education.

We have a good working relationship with the Council, which is fully supportive of these initiatives, and we understand the Council’s severe budget pressures. You would need to ask the Council how these overspends in a number of Edinburgh secondary schools have been allowed to build up – it may well be due to the budget cuts imposed on schools over the years.

I understand from Councillor Godzik’s reply in the full Council meeting last week that there is a plan to reduce these overspends, and am sure that the Council would not wish this plan to have any adverse impact on our children’s schools. Parents therefore want these historic overspends to be written off by the Council when schools’ budgets are so tight, just as Castlebrae Community High School’s much higher overspend was written off a couple of years ago.