Design Ventura 2015 Finalists

Four girls from S3 have received an award for most original concept at the final of this year’s Design Ventura competition at the Design Museum in London.

Design Ventura winners

The 2015 Design Ventura challenge started with 10,000 participants from 287 schools in the UK and overseas. In December, Trinity’s team pitched their puzzle ‘On the other hand’, designed to teach sign language, to a panel of judges that included Sebastian Conran and Naomi Cleaver.

At the final event, the judges said that the teams present represented “the best design talent in UK secondary schools.”

A number of schools were singled out for special awards, including Trinity Academy’s team.

Design Ventura certificate

The finalists’ entries are on display in a purpose-built ‘Design Tank’ beside the Thames where they will be seen by 1000s of people every day until the end of March.

Well done done to everyone (pupils and staff) who took part.

Design Ventura fish tank

‘On the other hand’