The school website has lots of information with sections for parents and pupils and information on everything from term dates to career opportunities, course choices as well as day to day information.

The school has a smartphone application available to download for free from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. This provides easy access to the school calendar and provides a single channel for all school communication with messages and news. There is also a user guide to the app available for download through the school’s website.

The first point of contact is through the school office 0131 478 5050 or  If you need to contact a particular teacher you can email the office and ask them to forward it as required.

Class Teachers deal with issues relating to their subject. In most cases, issues are dealt with through reports and parent consultation evenings. However, parents are welcome to contact subject teachers by letter or e-mail if they have a concern.

Deputy Head Teachers deal with issues such as SQA matters, the school timetable and reporting. They also deal with issues that teachers require additional support with, for example pupil indiscipline.

The Head Teacher has ultimate responsibility for all school issues. Mr Paterson has an open parental surgery on a Monday afternoon 3.30pm-5pm for anyone who wants to meet with him. It’s worth double-checking with the office first to ensure he will be available.

The Head Teacher writes a regular blog for the website and new blogs are highlighted through the weekly bulletin, twitter and Parent Council Facebook page.

On occasions, the school uses text messaging to communicate with parents so do make sure the school office has an up-to-date number if you have changed since an annual contact details form is completed. At present only one parent can be registered to receive text messages. It is planned to move to a system where all parents can be emailed as another option for communication.

The school’s twitter feed is @TrinityAc_Edin and there are also twitter accounts for sports @Trinity_sports1 and Expressive Arts @TrinityAC_Arts.

Becoming involved with the Parent Council is a great way of ensuring you learn more about the work of the school and can better support your child. Meetings are every 6 weeks (7:00pm-9:00pm) and you don’t have to be a Parent Council member to come along. There’s no pressure to speak or volunteer for anything!

We really hope that you find Trinity Academy a warm and welcoming school for you and your child and that you all settle in well and enjoy high school life.